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Zephyr Palace and Villas Caletas Wedding

Zephyr Palace Villas Caletas Wedding

The epic entrance to Zephyr Palace.

Zephyr Palace and Villas Caletas Wedding

If you are looking for a destination wedding that is the epitome of elegant and stylish, look no further than Villas Caletas. This luxurious resort is perched up on a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean near the beachside city of Jacó, Costa Rica. Thanks to it’s strategic location, the resort boasts sweeping ocean and jungle views from virtually everywhere. Not to be outdone by all the natural beauty outside, the resort has some exquisitely designed spots for your ceremony and reception and the luxury suites are everything you could possibly want in a comfortable, relaxing home-away-from-home during your stay.

Let’s start with picking a spot for your ceremony and reception because Villas Caletas has some unique settings that are sure to take your breath away.

The Amphitheater at Villas Caletas

Sunset at Zephyr Palace

Always incredible sunsets from the Amphitheater.

Amphitheater at Villas Caletas

Wedding couple descends the Amphitheater seating in Villas Caletas.

For lovers of ancient Greek style architecture, or even just those who want a truly unique setting for their ceremony, the amphitheater is an amazing choice. Imagine an expansive view of the rainforest and the Pacific Ocean splayed out in the background. Your guests will be seated in typical amphitheater style seating, which means that everyone will have a great view of the two of you and the spectacular tropical vista that serves as the backdrop to your memorable wedding ceremony.

The Rancho at Villas Caletas

Sunset from el rancho at Villas Caletas

Sunset from el rancho.

For grandiose events with a large guest count, the Rancho Caletas is the perfect spot. The open air covered rancho provides a shaded area to escape the bright sun and is also the perfect spot to ensure that a tropical shower doesn’t catch you by surprise! Epic views are not lacking here either as the rancho looks out over the Pacific Ocean. The rustic stone and wood decor is the perfect look for a classic wedding with a tropical feel.

Villas Caletas Accommodation

Intimate dinner at Villas Caletas

Intimate dinner on a Terrace in Villas Caletas.

Wedding views at Zephyr Palace

Mountain and ocean view from one of the private terraces.

You can’t go wrong with whatever accommodation you choose at the resort as all the rooms are luxurious. Options include economical standard options to luxurious suites all the way up to the two lavish honeymoon suite options each with their own private swimming pool and hot tub. Most have their own private terraces where you can sit back and enjoy a refreshing drink with your special someone each evening. Whatever option you choose be prepared for a comfortable place to relax in luxury and enjoy the exotic views afforded by being in paradise.

Zephyr Palace – a more exclusive option

Gorgeous View of Zephyr Palace

View of Zephyr Palace after the rain.

This gorgeous mansion is the epitome of all that Villas Caletas has to offer. There are seven luxurious suites each with it’s own interesting or exotic theme like African, Oriental, Imperial, Royal and Egyptian. For larger groups the entire mansion can be rented so that your party can enjoy privacy. The Champagne Ballroom is the epitome of elegant places to hold your wedding reception and just outside is the infinity pool with Greek columns and an epic ocean view.

Bride getting ready in Zephyr Palace

Poolside and exclusive rooms at Zephyr Palace.


bride getting ready at zephyr Palace

Bride enjoying one of the balconies at Zephyr Palace

bride with bridesmaids at zephyr palacebride by pool at Zephyr Palace

first look at zephyr palace

Groom’s first look at his future wife in Zephyr Palace.

Zephyr Palace Poolside

Wedding ceremony at Zephyr Palace.

Greek Columns at the Zephyr Palace Poolside area.

ceremony set up at zephyr palace

Poolside ceremony set up at Zephyr Palace

wedding ceremony zephyr palace

A second option involving that ancient stone column look also involves an infinity pool. How epic is that? Again, you and your beloved stand at the base of elegant columns which stand sentinel around three sides of an inviting infinity pool that gives way to more of those awe-inspiring jungle and ocean views. Photos at sunset in this spectacular spot are so epic it’s almost ridiculous!

Sunset at Villas Caletas Wedding

Sunset from Zephyr Palace.

Champagne ballroom at Zephyr Palace

Champagne ballroom setup.

wedding reception zephyr palace

Wedding Planning and Other Amenities

Name cards at wedding

These little touches make the weddings at Zephyr Palace.

Champagne Ballroom set up for wedding at Zephyr Palace

Planning destination weddings from afar can be a challenging task but with the help of the professional staff at Villas Caletas it becomes really simple. Our experienced wedding planners work hard to ensure that your day goes off without a hitch. Guests regularly report that their wedding day turned out to be even more special and memorable than they had envisioned.

Other amenities at this exquisite resort include access to the hotel’s two private beaches, onsite restaurants, concierge, yoga and fitness facilities, spa services and beauty salon. As you can see, Villas Caletas has everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day!

wedding party zephyr palacewedding photos zephyr palace

Greek Columns at Zephyr PalaceWalking Zephyr PalaceVillas Caletas Wedding

Bride in garden at Villas Caletas

Bride in the beautiful gardens in Zephyr Palace.

Arches at Zephyr Palace

Zephyr Palace and Villas Caletas Wedding

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