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Wedding Photography in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Wedding Photography in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Wedding photography in Manuel Antonio is such a treat because of the backdrop of the national park and the surrounding islands, for these reasons it is one of the best places in Costa Rica to get married.  Manuel Antonio is also not as busy as other parts of the country up north, there are times of the year where you practically have the beach to yourselves.  One of the biggest draws of this beach is that you can have spectacular sunsets year round.  Even during the rainy season, there may be a spectacular sunset if it clears up in the afternoon.  Here are some images from a simple, intimate wedding in Manuel Antonio.

Wedding photography in Manuel Antonio

Wedding couple walking on beach in Costa Rica.

Intimate wedding ceremony on beach in Costa Rica.

Bride giving vows at beach wedding.

Bride looking at groom at wedding in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica.reflection of groom in bride's eyes.

Reflection of the groom in the bride’s eyes during the ceremony.

Costa Rica wedding photographerFamily photo after wedding.

Family Portraits after beach wedding.

Mother and son portraits on the beach.Costa Rica wedding photography in Manuel Antonio.Bride and groom at beach wedding.

Bride and groom with almond trees in the background.

Great light for wedding photos.

Bride and groom with sun behind them.

groom and bride during wedding in Costa Rica.Wedding photographer for destination wedding in Costa Rica.

People look on during wedding portraits.

Bride and groom during wedding on the beach.

Bride and groom with palm trees in the background.

Groom carrying bride in Manuel Antonio.Spectacular sunset in Costa Rica.

Gorgeous sunset in Manuel Antonio.

Bride and groom with sunset.

Wedding couple with sunset.

Costa Rica sunset couple on beach in costa rica.

An interesting cloud that appeared after sunset.

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