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Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Sunset in Rainy Season in Costa Rica

When there are sunsets during rainy season, they are spectacular.

Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Well, here in Costa Rica we are in the rainy season.  It’s a great time of year for me to get caught up on a lot of things I don’t have time to do during the rest of the year.  Work wise, this means a lot of admin stuff, and basically booking dates for next year.  But it’s also a time to get out and explore, a time to see old friends, and a time to just kick back and watch the rain.  These are just a few random photos from my walk around camera, as I enjoy Costa Rica these beautiful rainy days.

Girl in Costa Rica

Photo from a kids’ birthday party.

Brothers on beach in Costa Rica

A couple of brothers on the beach on a grey day.

Travel Photography in Costa Rica

Double rainbow in Costa Rica.

Waterfall in Costa Rica

A waterfall up in the mountains.


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