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Whether you’re honeymooning, celebrating an anniversary, taking some special time without the kids, or just looking for relaxation, having a couple portrait session in Costa Rica is an excellent idea. Traveling together for the first time or the fiftieth, you deserve tangible memories of your vacation.

Your relationship is dynamic. Your family grows, you share joys and you grow old together. Photos displayed in your home are a way to freeze a few moments in time. Each one tells a part of your story as a couple.

All of my collections include an online gallery of all the photos from the couple portrait session. But even though digital files are great, having your memories in print in your hands will always be more special than swiping through them on your phone. That’s why all my collections also include prints. Your portraits deserve a special place of honor on your walls.

Keep your trip as a couple to Costa Rica alive by displaying these special moments in your home.

Here are some photos from recent couple portrait sessions in Costa Rica. Click on the left and right arrows to see more.

Kevin Heslin Photography

I want you to be totally relaxed and at ease during our session so I want you to get to know me!

I’m Kevin and I love meeting new people and helping them tell their stories. To me, photographs are not just art, they’re memories. They’re the only memories you can hold in your hands and hang on your walls. That’s why I love what I do. I love helping people create and hold dear special memories.

Posed photos are pretty, and we’ll do those if you want, but my favorite photos capture genuine emotion. I’ll give you fun little tasks designed to spark smiles of joy and love. My goal is for us to have fun together and then hand you those memories to hang on your wall.

Albums and Prints

It’s happened to more than a few people that they go to the effort of having a professional portrait session only for these photos to get buried in a Facebook feed and never again see the light of day.

I get it. You get back from your vacation and life gets in the way. That’s why a full-service photographer like myself is so important. I know it's hard to go through a whole bunch of photos and choose which ones to upload, in what ratio, and print in color or black and white. All you have to do is enjoy the relaxed and natural portrait session and then pick your favorite photos. I’ll take care of the rest.

All my collections include a 5x5 photo album with all the images and credit for larger prints. When you book your session you can choose from varying sizes of canvas or vivid metal prints to put your favorite image from the session on display.

That’s it! Soon after you return from your vacation you’ll have prints in hand and a lovely new addition to your wall decor.


All collections come with an online gallery of your standard size digital files

Digital files from portrait session


Designed to tell your story, canvases and wall art are made to last a lifetime.

Canvas Prints in Costa Rica

Heirloom ALBUM

Included in my Signature Rosewood Collection

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Your vacation is a special few days of your life that you’ll absolutely want to remember. Jump at the chance to have a couple portrait session in Costa Rica. Your relationship at this moment in time is worth documenting - and the backdrop will be amazing.


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