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Independence Day Costa Rica, Local Traditions for Celebrating in Costa Rica.

Independence Day Costa Rica

September 15th was Independence Day here in Costa Rica.  The night before, the 14th, there is a big procession where people walk the streets with Faroles.  Faroles are home made lanterns based on traditional themes.  A lantern depicting a traditional house, or with the colors from the Costa Rican flag would be examples of these patriotic themes.  As for the actual Independence Day Costa Rica there is a big parade with the marching bands from all the schools.  I was able to move around and get some shots to give to the people involved.

Independence Day Costa RicaTraditional Independence Day Parade in Costa RicaGirl with farol at parade in Costa RicaChildren with faroles at parade in Costa RicaProcession of Faroles at parade in Costa Ricagirl in costume at parade in Costa RicaTraditional clothing at parade in Costa RicaTraditional Independence Day Parade in Costa Ricachildren at parade in Costa Ricadrummer boy at parade in Costa Ricaboy dressed as bee at parade in Costa RicaBoy with traditional cart at parade in Costa RicaBoy dressed as shark at parade in Costa RicaGirl in traditional dresses in Costa RicaMarching band in Costa RicaIndigenous Panamanians  in Costa RicaChildren at parade in Costa Rica



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