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Fashion Photography Shoot at Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio

Woman in Costa Rica

Fashion Photography Shoot at Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Manuel Antonio

The nice thing about the rainy season here in Costa Rica is that it gives me time to do other projects. One of these projects was a fashion shoot for the clothing designers Bohemia and Tanz, both based here in Manuel Antonio. Both these designers were also taking advantage of the rain to get their new clothing lines done before the busy season coming up next month. With two female models, we went to Gaia Hotel and Reserve for the shoot. It was the perfect location that gave us quite a variety of settings, from white backgrounds, to elegant suites, to mountain jungle backdrops. We tried to do something different with this session so as not to look like a boring catalogue of clothing. So we had the models using different props and moving around, and we tried some new angles. All in all it turned out to be a great session. If you happen to be in town, check out the new fashions coming out next month. Model Costa Rica FashionCosta Rica clothing stylestattooed model in Costa ricaHoodie fashion

New clothing photography

The rooftop patios at Gaia provided us with perfect clean white backgrounds.

Gaia Costa RicaModel with saxophone in Costa RicaFashion shoot at Gaia hotel.
Modeling in jungle.Model in rainforest.Model at Gaia Hotel.

To learn more about Gaia and to see more photos of this amazing venue check out my venue info page: Gaia Hotel and Reserve Weddings


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