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Facebook Black and White Five Day Challenge

I did the Facebook Black and White Five Day Challenge on my personal page in Facebook this week, and I decided to repost the photos here.  The idea of the challenge is to post a Black and White photo every day for five days.  What makes this interesting is that these can not be photos shot for a professional job, that is, they need to be photos that are shot just for the love of photography.  All these photos are shot by always having a camera on me in my everyday life, so I photograph friends, family, and whatever I find interesting going on around me.

girl at parade.

Girl lost in thoughts at the Independence day this year.

girl with birthday cake.

I went surfing at this unique barrio last month, and when I got out of the water I found myself at a girl’s birthday party.

fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica.

I love how the composition just came about as the kids started walking into frame.

Facebook Black and White Challenge

My friend Marjorie with her baby Samuel.

child looking at snail in aquarium.

My nephew looking at a snail he brought home from the pond.



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