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Costa Rica Photographer | Portrait Session at Waterfall and Playa Dominical in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Photographer

Costa Rica Photographer


I received an email last month from Erika looking for a Costa Rica Photographer for a  portrait session in some natural and wild setting in Costa Rica.  She told me she works in direct marketing and life coaching in California, but would be in Costa Rica in May, and needed a bunch of new photos for her website.  She wanted the photos to be from regular head shots to risqué.  The idea of the shoot was to have it in a few different settings, and get a wide variety, so that she could slowly trickle them out in her different websites over the next few months.  We ended up choosing a beach, waterfall, and an indoor setting.

The three of us including my lighting assistant drove down to the waterfall near dominical, but as it started to downpour, we decided to have coffee and wait a few minutes for the sun to clear up.  It turned out to be a real dramatic sky for the beach, and the waterfall was raging.  We had to be creative and find some other areas around to shoot, as almost all the rocky area was underwater.  Lastly we went back Gaia Hotel and Reserve to get some great shots in a more controlled setting.

Model in Dominical Costa  Rica

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Costa Rica Photographer

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