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Wedding Photography Tulemar Buena Vista Villas

Wedding Photography in Tulemar

Wedding Photography Tulemar Buena Vista Villas

I picked up Sarah and Brian from Tulemar Buena Vista Villas and the three of us headed down to the beach for a very special ceremony.  Sarah and Brian had decided to renew their wedding vows on their five year anniversary, and I was honored to be the photographer to document this special day.  As it was a renewal, there was no officiant.  It was just the two of them on a secluded part of the beach in Manuel Antonio.  Being such an intimate affair, they asked me to stay back a little further than normal as the vows were just for their ears, so I just used my long lens and tried to capture the feel of the ceremony.  Later, we went on a walk and explored some of the dramatic rocks on the beach in the late afternoon sun.  Although we did not have a sunset that day, we had some really awesome and unique cloud formations as the afternoon turned into dusk.

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