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Wedding Photography Cala Luna Hotel in Costa Rica

Wedding Photography Cala Luna Hotel in Costa Rica

Wedding Photography Cala Luna Hotel

Wedding Photography Cala Luna Hotel

A couple weeks ago I drove up to Guanaste with my assistant to shoot Sarah and Tyler’s wedding at Cala Luna Hotel in Tamarindo.  It was my first time at Cala Luna and I was really impressed by its class and elegance. The bride’s room for getting ready was beautiful and the walk to the beach ceremony was lush and tropical.  Sarah and Tyler decided to have my photograph the “First Look, this is when the groom see’s his bride to be in her wedding dress for the first time, before the ceremony.   This was a great idea because Sarah and Tyler could be relaxed and fully express themselves in the moment without all the wedding guests looking on.

The ceremony was held on the beach, which is much different from the beach in Manuel Antonio.  It has a lot of rocks, which make for some dramatic photos.  We didn’t have much time though, before the rain rolled in.  It rained pretty hard, and luckily the rest of the wedding was to be in a covered area for the reception.  The guests and family were all great, and didn’t mind the rain much, and totally got down on the dance floor.

This amazing wedding was coordinated by Alexandria Tomayko from Cala Luna Hotel.

Groom and friends getting ready for the wedding.Mother with dress at Cala Luna Hotel.Mother of bride getting ready at wedding.Preparations for wedding in Costa Rica.Wedding shoes.Backless wedding dress.Bride with her friends getting ready.Bride and groom before wedding.First look before wedding in Costa Rica.

The first time Tyler sees his bride to be in her wedding dress.

Wedding Photography Cala Luna HotelPreparations before the wedding ceremony in Costa Rica.Wedding Ceremony in Tamarindo.Tamarindo beach wedding.Rain at wedding in Costa Rica.Wedding Photography Cala Luna HotelBride and groom on beach in Costa Rica.Bride and groom at wedding in TamarindoRainstorm hits during wedding in Costa Rica.Wedding Reception at Cala Luna Hotel.Wedding reception in Costa Rica.Bride and groom dancing in Costa Rica.Candid moment at wedding.Bride and groom first dance in Guanacaste.Bride and groom walk on beach.





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