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Costa Verde Costa Rica Weddings

Costa Verde Wedding

Costa Verde Costa Rica Weddings

Britney and Chris first got in touch with me a year ago to possibly shoot their wedding in Costa Verde Hotel, here in Manuel Antonio. As Chris is obsessed with photography himself, he sent me an email with questions from the gear I use to my approach in shooting weddings. They were great questions, and upon answering them all, I decided to use my response in the about me section on my website. So I knew right off that we had similar feelings to wedding photography; Britney and Chris wanted a focus on candid and natural photos, and not so much staged pics.

This matched Britney and Chris’ personality 100%. They were one of the most natural couple’s I’ve met. During the wedding they were able to enjoy themselves fully and have a lot of special moments with their guests. At the same time, they and their family and friends were super welcoming to me, and to everyone who was involved in the wedding. It really was an excellent event to experience.

The wedding ceremony was held at Costa Verde hotel with the amazing lookout over Manuel Antonio National Park. Afterwards, we went down to the beach with the whole wedding party to get some photos with the last rays of sunlight. This time of year were really are blessed with some incredible sunsets, and that one was definitely no exception. We then headed back up to the upper deck at El Avion Restaurant for the reception, until late at night.
Costa Verde WeddingsGroomsman getting ready at weddingGroomsman before weddingGroom and mother before wedding.Wedding ceremony in Costa VerdeWedding ceremony in Costa RicaBride and groom walking at beach.Bride at beach in Manuel AntonioBride and groom by National Park in Manuel AntonioBride in Cosat VerdeBride and Groom on beach in Costa Rica.Bride and groom on beachCosta Verde weddingsWedding sunset in Costa VerdeMother son dance at wedding in Costa VerdeCosta Rica Costa Verde Weddings
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