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Costa Rica Wedding Playa Ventanas on the Southern Coast

Costa Rica Wedding Playa Ventanas

Wedding at Playa Ventanas

Bride and groom kissing under veil

Costa Rica Wedding Playa Ventanas

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding down in a small town named Ojochal, which is a few minutes outside of Uvita on the Pacific Coast. The wedding ceremony was held at a little stream beside the house were the wedding couple was staying. It was a very touching and intimate ceremony, with just the wedding couple, the lawyer officiating the ceremony, and me and my lighting assistant. On the other side of the stream was the jungle, which made for a great backdrop for the ceremony.

After the ceremony and the signing of the official papers we made our way over to Playa Ventanas. Playa Ventanas is a gorgeous beach just five minutes from Ojochal. This beach has a very unique feature to it: little caves that appear at low tide in these big rocks in the water. These caves are a striking feature to this beach as the incoming waves force the water to crash through the cramped openings. Even with this special attraction on the beach, Playa Ventanas does not generally see a lot of people. What makes this beach less visited, apart from being further down the coast from the more populated tourist areas up north, is that it is a bit of a trek to get there. The road down to the beach got washed out from the last heavy rains from last month so we all had to hike down to the beach along the steep, red muddy trails. It was well worth the effort, as we got there right as the tide was going out, so we were able to get into the caves for a few photos at the end of the session. Like clockwork around this time of year in Costa Rica, right as we were packing up the cars and leaving, the rain started to come down hard.

Muddy trail at destination wedding in Costa Rica.

Muddy trail to get to the beach.

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