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An Adventuresome Couple’s Wedding in Costa Rica

An Adventuresome Couple’s Wedding in Costa RicaCosta Rica Wedding Photography

Costa Verde Hotel and Resort called me to shoot an elopement on Playitas beach here in Manuel Antonio.  I had been corresponding with the French Canadian wedding couple Janie and Kevyn by email for a while. Thus I knew they were a really unique, outgoing couple that had been traveling around Costa Rica for the past month.

For example, instead of the normal New Year’s Eve parties at the beach, they had decided to spend New Year’s Eve at the base camp at mount Chiripó. This was so that they could be on the highest mountain in Costa Rica for the first day of the New Year.

From what I hear, that climb is no easy feat, by the way.  So I knew it was going to be a great wedding and we’d have an interesting portrait session.  They each had plenty of personality and we were able to try some new things.

My favorite photo of the day is of Kevyn jumping off one of the rocks with the colors of the setting sun behind him.  He had told me he wanted a photo of him doing the Charlie Chaplin leg kick thing, so I was able to get down real low and get a cool silhouette shot that really shows off the feeling of the day.

Costa Rica Wedding PhotographyWedding in Costa Rica Wedding couple having fun on beach in Manuel Antonio Costa RicaCosta Rica Wedding PhotographySweet moments at a wedding in Costa RicaCosta Rica Wedding PhotographyCosta Rica Wedding PhotographyCosta Rica Wedding PhotographySunsets on the beach. That's what a wedding in Costa Rica is all about!Costa Verde Wedding PhotographyCosta Verde Wedding Photography

Your Wedding in Costa Rica

Ready to make some great memories of your own? You might not be quite as adventurous and want to trek to the top of Chiripó, but there is still plenty that a wedding in Costa Rica has to offer.

And in all seriousness, who doesn’t want to have epic silhouette jump shots on the beach? To check out another of the weddings that I shot on the beach and at this beautiful venue take a look at this post.


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