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My name is Kevin Heslin and I am a Boston native who has been living in the Manuel Antonio area for 12 years. Presently, I shoot weddings in Costa Rica twelve months a year – from small intimate gatherings to extravagant all out celebrations. As I work in here year round, I can assure you that my photography business is Licensedand Insured by the appropriate Costa Rican government agencies.

I offer wedding photography packages that start at just under $1000 for a couple of hours coverage in Manuel Antonio. In Manuel Antonio packages range from two hours to multi day coverage. Outside the Central Pacific my packages range from half day to multi day coverage.


My shooting style has a strong leaning towards photojournalism so you can rest assured that I will be moving around and looking out for this sincere interaction between you two and also between your friends and family. A huge amount of time and money is invested in a wedding, and one of the ways to insure that these feelings and experiences will be remembered for a lifetime is through the wedding photography. A strong conviction of mine is that images that convey real emotion and moments will better endure the test of time than just pretty, posed photos. I like to imagine that future generations can look at the wedding photos and say things like “that’s exactly how my mom laughs.”

During your portrait session the three of us will go on a short walk to get away from the crowd. During this time I’ll give you little activities to do so that the two of you can just really focus on each other and enjoy the time together. Genuine reactions with emotions will come about on their own, as it is way more natural to have something to do rather than posing stiffly. Likewise, I will be capturing the interactions and emotional moments of your guests throughout the wedding day.


Photography really is the driving passion in my life. When I am not photographing weddings or other projects, I am out shooting things around me with the intention of sharing the beauty of the individuals and situations of everyday life. The reason I shoot weddings in particular is because I love shooting people and their emotions. There is something really powerful in being present to capture these brief moments of unguarded emotion.
When I’m not shooting other people’s families, I’m usually shooting mine.  I try to visit the States a few times a year to see all my nephews and nieces.

Costa Rica Wedding Photographer

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And the rest of the time I am documenting the interesting things that happen in my everyday life with my little walk-around camera which I upload to my Instagram account.

Fujifilm x100t photos.

Kevin Heslin